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One Living God

Author: Reyanto van Doormalen

We all in the end have to deal with death. No matter how small or big one is, we must leave at a certain moment in life.

I strongly believe that we all have a relationship with the One Living God, that this One living Source provides us everything we need according to our heart's desire, and that we are indestructible souls in a physical garment that we must leave some day.

What this means, is that according to our preferences, we either have a direct or indirect relationship with God. An atheist is an example of having an indirect relationship with God. What an atheist offers, is forgetfulness about Gods origins, so that they can enjoy everything without him. Followers of the One Living God that put him center in their lives, have a direct relationship with him.

I believe no one in all truth can escape him.

Scientists like Richard Dawkins and other fierce supporters of Darwinism, repeat over and over again that we are descendants from apes, and that this is based on massive amounts of evidence, evidence that we all should look at carefully. While doing so, we must conclude that this amount of evidence is nothing compared to the evidence that supports the case that God exists and is everything but death.

In fact, all bones that have been found that seems to support the case of the evolution theory, is actually proving that there are causes and effects.

Saying that the bones that have been found support the case of the evolution theory is making the sub-case the main-case, and the main-case the sub-case, a known logical fallacy.

All existing bones themselves never said or ever will say that they support the case of evolution, no matter how carefully we look at it. That is the main-case. This in itself does suggest that it indicates the work of a universal law instead, and does not provide evidence for our origins being apes or anything else except for providing an indication of a universal law exclusively at work. In all of history, there is not a single piece of evidence that ever said that the evidence found, should be evidence used for the particular case of the monkey-man theory. Logically, it should therefore be labeled as an indication of the law of Cause and Effect, being real instead.

Surely one might start to think that bone and fossil whisperers or even fiction writers can in fact replace scientists that dogmatically support and promote the ape-man theory in the mainstream media.

Let it be clear that the universal law of Cause and Effect is the very seat of science, not people's imagination.

To expand on the law of Cause and Effect, I will present 2 arguments that bind all of it together giving reasons for my belief in a Supreme Lord.

1: Cosmological argument:

Everything has a cause. The fossil record and everything that will be added to it is proof of that. Therefore, there is a first cause that is the cause of all causes being in itself, uncaused. 2: The problem of effect:

Everything living now is proving that by being alive, everything is decreasing. Species disappear rapidly worldwide and generally, all effects in all cases are less than its cause; including our very lives where our physical garments get older and not younger, or remaining steady. Therefore, there was a first cause.

Cause and Effect is having a gigantic, far longer track record than our present fossil record. Up to this very moment, our choices will have its effect as well.

On the contrary, I am writing this article knowing that one day I must forcefully leave the physical garment and that this cannot be without a first cause. Concerning all of this and based on evidence, his existence is not hidden but right under our very noses, straight in plain sight.

Did this article let you rethink or even stimulated to find out more rather God exists or not? Let us know!